Zapyle’s Rashi Menda: Smart shopping and fine accessories will make your personal style come alive

August 18, 2018

Rashi Menda, founder of Zapyle, an e-commerce platform for luxury fashion, talks about the fashion trends of the year and how to personalise your style.

Why is it that when women open their closets every morning to pick out an outfit they are left puzzling over which one to wear, despite having so many to choose from? This is why Rashi Menda started Zapyle -- to help women keep on top of fashion trends and embrace pre-owned clothing. YS Weekender caught up with the founder recently for some tips, tricks and advice on how to spice up our wardrobes and get rid of the ‘I have nothing to wear’ days once and for all.

YourStory Weekender: Can you tell us about Zapyle and your journey in entrepreneurship?

Rashi Menda: Zapyle is an online destination for trendy fashion for women in India that hosts over 80 brands. Derived from a combination of the words ‘zap’ and ‘style’, the name Zapyle reflects the swift pace at which fashion trends change and how it enables customers to stay abreast of these trends. The idea was to create a platform that makes trendy fashion easily accessible and affordable for everyone, not limiting it to an exclusive segment.

YSW: What are some of the key fashion trends today in our country?

RM: Fashion keeps evolving, especially in India, which is a young and developing nation. Trends change rapidly here. The last season had a lot of capes and floor-length dresses that were selling off the racks. However, right now, we have bell bottoms and jumpsuits that are a great hit with buyers.

YSW: Why is it so important to look good and present your best face forward?

RM: It is said that the first impression is very important and, for that, your attire makes a lot of difference. It is very important to dress right and according to the occasion. When you are meeting someone for the first time, you have to find the right attire that can help you feel more confident. Wear the right clothes at the right place.

Wear the right clothes for the right occasion

YSW: What are the best international fashion trends now?

RM: Fashion varies from country to country depending upon the climatic conditions and the lifestyle of the people. Internationally, women are preferring more denims for casual outings and more shimmer for evening outings. Besides that - a pair of loose-fitting pants with a baggy shirt never goes out of style. Indian body types prefer thin fabrics that shape our curves perfectly.

YSW: What are your tips for accessorising?

RM: A beautiful dress may not look as chic without the right accessories. Similarly, a beautiful branded bag may not look fashionable with mismatched apparel. So it’s always important to accessorise right. 

Also, one should make sure one does not wear too few or too many accessories for an occasion. Contrasting colours look great but choose the hues with care. Today, fashion has changed by 360 degrees and you have so many things to experiment with. You should be careful and make sure that you are comfortable in every look you opt for, because it’s all about carrying your clothes well. You should update your wardrobe every season and keep adding to your wardrobe options. It is important to create different looks with everything you have and, personally, I find that quite challenging.

‍Update your style every season

YSW: What is the best way to pick up the newest fashion trends?

RM: If you are a fashion enthusiast, you will always have an eye for changing trends. Usually, change travels from the West and we tweak it to suit our style. However, India with its many layers creates its own fashion as well and that for me, is special. Our team of designers is constantly observing and improving designs, patterns and fabrics. 

I am inspired by things around me like patterns, shapes, colour combinations and it feels amazing when I can share and apply my observations in creating new designs.

YSW: What is your own personal sense of style? Do you like to follow the latest trends, and what is the best thing in your wardrobe?

RM: I like to experiment! I like wearing dresses, skirts, culottes, jumpsuits and a lot of girly options. I stay away from denims unless I have an interesting pairing. In terms of colours, I have an interesting palette in my wardrobe and I am constantly adding to it. I like the idea of waking up to a colourful wardrobe.

YSW: What advice can you give to women on how to personalise their style?

RM: Every girl has her own style sense and that is what makes her personality unique, giving her an edge over others. It’s important to be able to adapt while still maintaining a style that is all your own. Being comfortable in your skin is very important and one should know their body type and dress accordingly. The key is to take time out and understand what looks good on you and the brands that fit you well. This is very important when it comes to styling yourself. 

The correct inspiration, smart shopping and spot-on accessories are some of the points to be considered while styling yourself. Along with the correct outfit, self-assurance is very important. Your size doesn’t matter but your confidence does. 

Trust your gut, because something that makes you feel confident and beautiful never goes out of style.



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