Rewire your brain and change your life - Reeta Gupta, author

October 5, 2018

Reeta Gupta, author, ‘Rescript Your Life presented her book at the United Nations in Geneva. This book has a foreword by Sports Minister Rajyavardhan Rathore and blurbs by Kapil Dev, and Nobel Laureate Kailash Satyarthi.

In an exclusive interview with YS Weekender, Reeta Gupta speaks about how to rescript your life by re-wiring your brain and tossing out negativity.

Reeta Gupta's book Re-script your life is about building your life and learning mind control

Edited excerpts from the interview…

YS Weekender: How were you inspired to write this book?

Reeta Gupta: I wrote this book to remind us that there is so much the universe has already done for us. Our heart beats without being reminded, the sun rises every morning - without us having to worry about it; night follows day, birds pollinate flowers and the moon revolves around the earth. All we need to do, is to take care of where our mind wanders, what it imagines, and what it acts on. And most of us do a lousy job of this. I began writing about the need for self-awareness in 2014. A near death incident in Dec 2016 made me realise I must work faster.

YSW: Why did you choose a subject like this?

RG: I think the situations I was exposed to as a child were beyond my control. What I built from thereon was upto me. Rescript Your Life reminds you that you owe it to yourself, to build your life in the direction of what makes you come alive.
Reeta Gupta

YSW: How do we move out of a negative mind-set?

RG: Unfortunately, people who love us the most – like our parents, teachers and other significant people in our life have had their share of ‘negative experiences’ imprinted on their brain, handed down from their own parents, friends, and teachers. They transfer their disappointments and their experiences to us, unknowingly. You have to "Rescript Your Life", to create new wiring in your brain.

Within you lies the immense potential to reverse negativity, optimise your future, focus on your plans and achieve the success that you were meant to have. If ‘you’ don’t think, talk or feel good about yourself, or love yourself, why should anyone else?

YSW: Why should you be kind to yourself?

RG: Kindness to yourself, implies a 100 percent acceptance of the person you are, the circumstances you’re in, your abilities, your desires, your role in your family, your community. When you are assured about your ability to create and contribute, you can be far more accepting of the success of others. On the other hand, if you do not believe in your ability to create and contribute, you will resent the successes of others. This is not a healthy space to live.

YSW: How do you get out of the AIGE (Am I Good Enough) mind-set?

RG: AIGE, the acronym for Am I Good Enough, is the voice inside your head that constantly worries whether you are going to get everything you want. At the AIGE level, the predominant software programmes inside you are worry and low self-esteem. In order to make a difference to the way you treat yourself, you have to work at two levels simultaneously — the external and the internal.

YSW: How do you re-programme your brain?

RG: Here are some ways to do so…

Observe your thoughts: Listen to everything you say to someone else, everything you say when you talk to yourself, or about yourself. Additionally, for the next two days, even listen to your thoughts. Listen when you are exercising, walking or just doing something around the house. Observe whether your interactions and mental monologues elevate you or run you down.

Delete the bad messages: Every time you choose a thought that doesn’t make you feel good about yourself, press the delete button. When it comes to negative ideas, don’t say them, don’t think them.

Rewire your brain: You can do so by repetition of affirmative thoughts. Choose a new thought that serves you. Say it, use it, share it and experience it.

YSW: What is the five-point programme to change your life?

RG: The 5 steps would be:

Connect to your source: You have within you the immensity of the source that created you and the rest of this world. Tap into that boundless creative energy.

Opt out of being ordinary: Start actively challenging any non-serving thoughts and beliefs given to you from your childhood. Don’t try to ‘blend in’ or ‘be normal’ against your wishes.

Activate your imagination: As the Creator created you, so you create your future. Your imagination is your domain for creating the life that you desire, and the best part of it is that you are the monarch of this kingdom! Guard the gates of your imagination ferociously - don’t imagine what you don’t wish for.

Master your emotions: Practise tuning into how your body would feel - when you are living your dream life! Stay with emotions that energise you.

Find your values: Values act as guideposts that direct your behaviour and shape your goals in useful ways.

YSW: How do you handle failure and despair?

RG: Your life on earth is temporary. So is success. So is failure. So is despair. However, your contribution to making this world a better place is eternal and lives on. Once you realise this; you can use your time to create meaningful pursuits for yourself, which automatically becomes a magnet to draw the right kind of people into your life.

YSW: Who is the target audience for this book?

RG: The poet Jalaluddin Rumi once famously said, “What you seek is seeking you”. I believe every book has an audience - that is seeking the message within the book. The book will find its way to people who are ready, at this point in their lives, for its message. So every seeker is a target for this book. I took my book to UNESCO Geneva- the world capital of peace. The tagline of the UNESCO is “building peace in the minds of men and women’- and my book resonates with that objective.

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