BankBazaar's Rati Shetty cashes in on the fitness buzz

June 2, 2018

If there is one thing that Rati Shetty, the Co-founder and Chief Product Officer of BankBazaar does not compromise on -- it is her fitness and exercise regime. No matter where in the world she is or whatever she is doing, she always makes time for a run or a walk and she makes sure she finds a gym to workout. “No time for exercise” isn’t and has never been an excuse for her.

While growing up Rati Shetty was never into sports or inclined towards sports but as a Bharatanatyam dancer, her body was used to movement. While living in the US she was disconnected with dance but took to other forms of movement and exercises like rowing. What started 15 years ago now comes so naturally to her that she doesn’t need any motivation to get up and get going every day.

“I love to get up early in the morning and go for a run or a walk or just cycle. It is my time with my thoughts. It’s almost meditative,” she says.

Rati is part of a boot camp in Chennai, where she lives, and she never misses the group classes. She has a personal trainer and on the days she does not have any fitness class, she takes to running and walking before her family rises in the morning.

“I spend about an hour and cover more than five kilometers when I am walking and a little more when I am running. When cycling, I clock in more kilometres,” she shares.

Sometimes in the evening when she has the time she also hits the gym where she mostly does cardio exercises, pushups, running on the treadmill, cycling and floor exercises.

“When I was expecting my first child I was in the gym till the eighth month. A lot of people told me this was not good but I kept myself fit. Even after my child was born -- in two months I was back at the gym,” she recalls.

Given that she is travelling frequently, Rati ensures she does not miss out on a good workout. 

“I care a lot about my fitness. No matter what my state is or where I am, I have to go for a run.”

When asked what running means to her and what she really thinks about when she is running, she says it is about finding her headspace and enjoying her me-time. “Running helps me process a lot of things especially the thoughts running in my head. It helps me think through things,” she replies.

More importantly the exercise helps her to compete with herself every day. “You get to push yourself every morning and try and be better the next day. Every day you are competing with yourself and that makes you stronger.”

As Rati takes off again to yet another part of the world she signs off with just one message. “Just stop thinking and just get out of bed and do anything that works for you. Once you get started with exercise you will feel good and slowly get better.”

Just get started, isn’t that how you take to entrepreneurship too? Well the trick it seems is that you just have to get going whether it’s a fitness regime or a startup.













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