Power dressing - Wear your attitude to work

July 27, 2018

Do you have an important meeting coming up? Or a presentation that you need to anchor? Or a boss you need to impress? Here are some important tips for dressing with power and style…

What you wear to work says a lot about your personality. A sloppy dresser would hardly make an impression in the boardroom. Research suggests that those who dress the part are taken seriously. What you wear and how you carry it projects an image of you and a flattering one at that!

Power dressing is always about wearing the right suit

Buy a power suit

Power dressing mostly begins with a well-tailored and fitted suit. A matching jacket adds to that ‘corporate look’. You can pick and choose any colour you want, but not one that screams for attention. You can grab eye balls without the deep reds or the candy pinks. But again, if can carry off any colour, it’s up to you! We are not complaining, not yet! Whether it’s a pant suit or a skirt-suit, choose a classic cut and a neutral colour that suits you. Dark colours are best for a day at work.

Choose the right shirt

So you’re all ‘suited up but your shirt seems to be flowing out of your well-cut jacket. An absolute no-no in the fashion stakes! While buying or stitching a shirt, go for one that fits snug under your suit. Must-haves in your wardrobe are white and ivory coloured shirts. Silk shirts look good too – in pastel colours with normal collars.

Become feet-wise

If you are into power dressing, invest in at least four pairs of comfortable pumps. Well, if you can splurge on a Jimmy Choo or a Christian Louboutin, we won’t judge you because we know you can pull them off with élan! However, if you cannot wear heels, choose closed flat shoes. But no peep-toes or sandals please!

Dress according to the personality of your organisation

Make-up makeover

Throw out all the neutral colours and go bold with make-up. While the face can be a bit subtle, the lips need to stand out. Go for bold red, fuchsia and even orange if you love these hues. Red doesn’t mean danger in this case, but screams you are a power dresser.

Accessorise right

Pearls, golf cuffs, simple bracelets and small earrings keeps the spotlight on the clothes. Chunky jewellery is best for those after-work parties. Remember, bling is not for the boardroom.

Keeping time

A watch on your wrist goes well with your suit. Research says that if you are a woman wearing a watch, you have many places to be. Gone are the days when women were defined by a tiny watch held by a bracelet on their wrists. Big watch brands are working on developing large watches for women, in line with the trend.

The right accessories can change the way you look

Bag it!

A fine bag that goes well with your suit is a must. Aim for muted colours unless you are using the same bag for the office party in the evening. While totes are convenient, they can also make you stuff too many things into them. So opt for a medium-sized handbag that can store your wallet, your make-up kit, phone and other essentials.

Essentially, what you should wear to work depends on where you work. The way you dress should reflect the personality of the organisation you represent and the kind of job you do. Also, having the right attitude is a part of the whole ‘power dressing’ scene.


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