Happiness is the key to life, says TV actor and model Dheeraj Dhoopar

January 11, 2019

Dheeraj Dhoopar is an Indian television actor and model. He plays the role of Karan Luthra in Zee TV's Kundali Bhagya. Dheeraj takes a few moments for a tête-à-tête with YS Weekender

You have to be at the right time, in the right place. That’s what model, actor and the current TV heartthrob Dheeraj Dhoopar feels. According to him, life is about 50 per cent luck and 50 per cent hard work. Once you are in the right place that’s when the grind begins.

Dheeraj Dhoopar and his wife

His love for modelling started when he walked the ramp for an annual day event when he was in the eighth grade. Once he completed college and moved to Bengaluru, he gave wings to his modelling dreams.

“My height kept me from ramp modelling but I found my space in TV commercials and print modelling.” He has done more than 120 TV commercials for multiple brands.

“When I was into modelling I was the encyclopedia of the modelling world. I knew the names of every model, every co-coordinator and every choreographer and which brands they were working for. Seeing my dedication my parents always supported me.”

However, it was his mother who pushed him towards television saying he had the right looks for it. And the rest, as they say, is history. In 2008 he started doing auditions for TV roles and in 2009 he landed his first show on Colours TV and then went on to other major roles. Today he is one of the most loved TV stars for his show Kundali Bhagya on Zee TV under the Ekta Kapoor banner.

Dheeraj has fame, is a face that’s loved and recognised for his role of a flamboyant cricketer, Karan Luthra.

We caught up with him over a call as he takes a break between shots to talk about his life and work:

The small screen is big

Dheeraj Dhoopar

With Netflix and Amazon Prime and small web series, the world of TV has also been transformed. Dheeraj says, “Today I am shooting with Ranveer Singh on my show for Simba promotion so yes TV has become big. It has allowed for so much talent to be absorbed through different shows and so many people to make it to Mumbai to follow their dreams.”

The balancing act

As an actor, he spends almost 12 hours in shoots and two hours in commute and a half and a half in the gym. The rest of his time is spent with his wife. “I wish I could get to spend more time with my wife but since she is from the same industry she understands the demands of my job.”

One of the big things he learnt last year was managing his time better. “The year, 2018 taught me how to balance my personal and professional life.”

Live and let live

Dheeraj believes in being happy. “I feel people need to live, let live.”

He says that it’s important for a person to seek happiness. “That matters the most. If you are happy then it rubs onto others, and when they see you happy, they like to help you in all you do.”

So in 2019, he wishes a lot of happiness for his parents, and his wife and everyone else. “We are surrounded by stress at all times, happiness is the best way to counter it.”

Around the world

In 2019, the one big thing he and his wife aspire to do it to travel and see more of the world. The couple did six trips in 2018 including Dubai and Indonesia.

“This year we want to do 12 trips," says Dheeraj, both in India and abroad. High on his list is South Africa and New Zealand, he says.

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