Embark on an adventure holiday this summer

June 2, 2018

Get your game on! With the FIFA World Cup 2018 scheduled to be held from June 14 to July 15 this year, many travellers are planning to fly to Russia to watch the football matches and the finals that will be held at Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow. If you enjoy watching sports or love adventure, check out the destinations you could visit for a perfect summer holiday...

Sport is similar to entrepreneurship in many ways. Leadership, attitude, a great innings, tackles, teamwork, championing change – sport offers many lessons in entrepreneurship. What do you get when you combine sport with travel? Apart from all the above, you also embrace diversity and learn to take life’s challenges head on.

Check out some of the most awesome sports destinations in the world for sports enthusiasts, intrepid adventurers and for those looking for some pure, unbridled fun…

Get bowled over by London

The Lord's Cricket Ground, London

Widely referred to as ‘the home of cricket’ the Lord's Cricket Ground in St. John’s Wood, London is on top of our list of sports destinations, especially for our cricket crazy nation. This cricket ground is also home to the MCC museum which is the oldest sports museum in the world and contains memorabilia from the most celebrated cricketing events in the world. The stadium seats 32,000 spectators and features one of the best cricket playing fields in the world. Cricket is known as a gentleman’s sport and England is widely seen as the birthplace of cricket. So get back to your roots if you’re a cricket enthusiast and go pay homage to the 'lords' of the game! 

Ski down snowy slopes in the Swiss Alps

Switzerland is home to some of the world’s best ski resorts. The snow-capped Alps are a must-visit place for any skiing enthusiast. Ski resorts range from Grindelwald, a popular destination for tourists planning long haul excursions or elsewhere to Murren -- a resort accessible only by cable car. Murren is relatively isolated and provides access to some of the toughest ski slopes in the Alps. Whether you are skiing aptitude is at the beginner, intermediate, or expert level, the Alps have it all. Head on out for some snow bound fun.

Catch the football frenzy in Russia

Russia made it on to our list mainly because it’s going to play host to the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Football fever prevails throughout the country and ahead of the World Cup, the whole world is swaying to the tournament’s anthem – a fast-paced dance tune Live It Up, featuring American actor and rapper Will Smith with Reggaeton artist Nicky Jam and singer Era Istrefi. “One life, live it up/Cos we get one life.” is already getting football fans into the World Cup groove. Combine your love for sports with travel and follow the game across 11 host cities - Kaliningrad, Kazan, Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Rostov-on-Don, St Petersburg, Samara, Saransk, Sochi, Volgograd, and Ekaterinburg. This is also a chance for you to discover Russia in all its diversity while staying on top of your favourite game.

Go bungee jumping in Nepal

Home to Mount Everest, Nepal is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Surrounded by the Himalayas, this landlocked country is increasingly becoming a popular haunt for mountaineers and trekkers alike. Breath-taking views, magnificent valleys and lush scenery all combine to make it one of the most popular mountaineering destinations around the world. However, many tourists come to Nepal to find their personal rush of adrenaline. Located just three hours north of Kathmandu, The Borderlands Resort boasts one of the most thrilling bungee experiences in the world. Jump towards the Bhote Kosi -- one of the world’s wildest rivers -- from a bridge hanging over a 160 metre tropical gorge. It’s going to be the ride of your life!

 Try river rafting in Bali

Discover marine adventures in Bali

Indonesia’s popular island Bali is renowned world over as a popular tourist destination. Boasting gorgeous beaches and an exotic night life, one sometimes forgets that Bali is also renowned as a destination for water sports. You can go water skiing, banana boating, parasailing and even dolphin watching as these are popular recreational activities in Bali. Try Sanur Beach or Tanjung Benoa, Nusa Dua for water sports. Alternatively you can go rafting on the Ayung River -- Bali’s longest and largest river. Not only will the ride do much to raise your adrenaline levels, but the beautiful scenic route the rafts go through is one to behold. Often, you can even catch glimpses of wild animals such as bats and monkeys. Don’t miss out on this one!

Ride the surf in California

Surf’s up! Especially in Cortes Bank, California. The shallow underwater chain of mountains in this part of California creates conditions that are ideal for surfing. The Bank holds the record for biggest wave ever surfed. Mike Parsons is the lucky man who rode it! This one’s only for the surfing experts as the waves can be deadly and yet, every year, the Bank proceeds to challenge serious surfers worldwide. The question on every surfer’s lips is ‘Can we ride ‘em?’. They’re certainly determined to find out. Head on out if you’re good at riding those waves!

Cycle through rural China

Go on a cycling tour through China

Rated one of National Geographic’s best picks for cycling, a fifteen-day tour starting from Guilin, Guangxi takes you through rural China. The route combines biking days that take you from sea level to almost 2000 feet. Cycling surfaces may be paved or unpaved but we promise the tour will be worth the exercise. Visits to remote villages will provide a cultural experience as well. It might quite possibly be the best way to explore rural China, so hop on to your bike and set off.

Attempt Cave Diving in Florida

Cave diving is scuba diving’s meaner, older brother and is not for the weak hearted. Cave diving lovers congregate in Florida to take part in this extreme sport. Cave diving requires a little more skill than scuba diving. Plus, you need excellent navigational and swimming skills if something in the cave goes wrong. Florida’s Peacock Spring State Park is the place to go if you’re into cave diving. Remember though, this one’s for the very brave. Looks like 'Spring Break' is not Florida’s only attraction!

So there you have it, some of the most awesome sports destinations around the world. Looks like it’s time to scramble through your cupboards and find those long forgotten back packs and your sports gear, book your flights and figure out the best itinerary.

The game awaits!

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