Tailorman's mantra for success

May 26, 2018

Always dress for success, say Gautam Golchha & Vidya Nataraj Co-founders, Tailorman. Their company provides a revolutionary alternative to the way men experience shopping today. They believe that made-to-measure clothing is the industry buzzword now. Here are some insights and style tips from the duo…

It could be in the curve of a lapel, the pleat of a trouser or the buttons on a jacket that could make an excellent first impression, say style connoisseurs and co-founders of Tailorman, who believe that clothes make the man.

So, whether you are heading to a boardroom to clinch your next deal or to the boardwalk to chill out for the weekend, make sure you look on trend and impeccable all day.

Gautam Golchha and Vidya Nataraj who founded Tailorman, the bespoke men’s fashion brand, believe that opting for made-to-measure clothing is the best way to create a signature style.

What do you do when you need a new set of clothes? Do you head out to the mall to buy anything that the store mannequin is wearing? Or do you rely on your friendly neighbourhood tailor?

It is best to go bespoke, say the founders of Tailorman. “The normal tailor in India lost his business to the ready-to-wear brands, mainly because of poor quality and low consistency in fits and deliveries,” explains Gautam. “Not much has changed for them, as with their size, it is impossible to invest in technology and state of art manufacturing capabilities. This is where bespoke brands like Tailorman make an impact.”

In the west, bespoke and made-to-measure fashion are important industry concepts today. But bespoke men’s fashion is based on more than just trends for the season. It encompasses what looks best on each body type and also the lifestyle that a man chooses.

Summer styles for men

Men and fashion

“Building a men’s fashion brand is a lot more challenging than it is for women,” says Gautam. “Men are generally conservative while women are relatively more fashionable and aware. But building a cult brand for men was always high on my wishlist. Moreover, I have been in the global menswear industry for several years, so I already had some relevant know-how.”

Vidya adds, “Trends for bespoke fashion has always existed for women, but for men, it is brands like Tailorman that are making inroads in the industry.”

Let trends show the way

It is important to remain up-to-date on trends all year round. “We work together with many international clothing and textile companies to create trend-boards and we shop at all the international trade fairs – from Paris to Milan to Tokyo -- so that our consumer can always be trend-right,” explains Vidya.

Though they started with bespoke menswear, Tailorman also launched a ready-to-wear collection. They believe that the right fit is extremely critical for everybody but ready-to-wear lines cannot provide for these. 

“Anyone who cares about the right patterns or unique fabrics, colours and styles should opt for bespoke. Off-the-rack clothing has a very limited range due to cost of retail space and it is impossible to cater to multiple body types and style preferences,” says Vidya.

Fashion tips for the season

“You should accessorise your suit to make an impact,” says Vidya. “Ties, bow ties, pocket squares, cufflinks, tie clips and lapel pins are what a classy man uses to bring out the most of his suits. One could try knitted ties or bright coloured pocket squares.”

According to Gautam, this summer, men’s fashion is all about checks that are both bold and subtle. “Also, look for solid colours with some surface interest or 3D effects,” he says.

Some of the mistakes that men make while dressing for an important occasion range from wearing improper pant lengths to wearing the wrong socks. “Clothes that don’t fit and those that have droopy shoulders should not be worn,” says Gautam. “Trousers should not sweep the floor and while wearing formal shoes, your socks must match your pants.”

According to Vidya, what a man wears affects not only how others perceive him, but also how he perceives himself.

But there is no secret formula to looking good, adds Gautam. “Very few men get this completely right by themselves. It is therefore important to ensure the brand you select has great stylists and not just sellers. We invest in hiring fashion graduates from premier institutes and train them extensively to get this aspect right. But for those with no access, I recommend to stick the basics and learn content available online.”

Future plans

Tailorman is looking at rapid expansion across channels and opening in new markets across India, with Delhi and Mumbai slated to open soon. “International expansion would be next,” says Gautam.

“We are also investing heavily in technology to communicate with and deliver the perfect fit for our customers. We've built a technology stack that allows every customer to find their perfect fit through a highly individualised experience and we are innovating to extend the customer conversation beyond a sale,” he says.



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