All aboard, London - How to find adventure in a culture-rich city

October 12, 2018

Craving more than just the usual touristy holiday? Here’s how to get off the beaten track by exploring some of the city’s most unusual attractions…

You may think a trip to London is all about visiting the most sought-after tourist attractions and indulging in mug after mug of steaming hot chocolate. But the truth is there’s so much to see once you hop out onto the streets of this magical city! Read on…

Take a haunts tour

London is absolutely brimming with ancient dilapidated buildings filled with the unexpected, the spooky and the bizarre! How about taking a tour of some of the city’s most haunted places of all time - explore the eerie, Dark Tower of London, take a glance around the haunted Highgate Cemetery or follow in the footsteps of Britain’s most infamous killer – Jack the Ripper! Whether it is part of a tour or something you (bravely!) choose to do on your own, this is one activity that’s guaranteed to leave you with tonnes of excitement and stories!

Walk over the O2

Don't miss the huge white dome of the O2

Craving something for your adventurous side? Here’s a dazzling fun activity, you’re sure to never forget - scaling the enormous white dome of the O2.

Although the O2 is popular for being one of the biggest concert halls in the UK - which has been host to a variety of celebrity performances including those of Beyonce and Katy Perry, now the enormous dome also allows visitors (who are safely harnessed!) to walk over its curved structure and get a glimpse of an incredible view of the river Thames.

After all, how many people can boast of having scaled a monument?

Visit the Harry Potter studios

A haunt for Harry Potter fans

The city of London is an absolute treat for Harry Potter fans! Stop by platform 9 and 3 quarters and pretend to push your magical trolley into a solid brick wall.

How about a tour through the Warner Bros. Studios where you get to see the making of the Harry Potter film series itself! Walk past the Great Hall, take a trip through Diagon Alley, ride a broomstick and sip on some delicious butterbeer! And don’t forget to stop by the souvenir shop which sells everything from wands to Honeyduke’s chocolates!

Check out the markets!

Food and souvenirs in the markets of London

Don’t limit yourself to sightseeing alone; immerse yourself with the culture and life of London. And there’s no better place to do that than its busy markets bustling with sweet aromas and exotic goodies. Check out Borough market which is brimming with the best of every country - whether its sweet cups of Darjeeling tea all the way from India or handmade chocolates from Belgium. If you’re looking for fun souvenirs, some truly unusual eats or whole lot of life, the markets of London are a must-see!

Visit the top of the Shard

A view from the top of the Shard

The tallest building in Europe recently opened up for visitors last year and yes, that means that anyone can enjoy the absolutely stunning view of the city, all the way up from its 72nd floor!

After having travelled up to those floors (through lifts that move so fast, your ears are sure to pop!) immerse yourself in the quiet calming music as you enjoy the 360 degree view of the city spread out for miles around.

You may be allowed to stay for as long as you like, but this is one scene that no one can possibly get bored of!

Stroll through Oxford Street!

Visit Oxford Street to check out stylish shops and trendy boutiques

Fashion lovers may discover their ultimate paradise as they walk through the posh and busy Oxford Street. Brimming with every single brand you can possible imagine (and many you can’t), this little stretch of land starting from Marble Arch and ending at Oxford Circus is filled with the world’s most stylish and sophisticated shops of all time.

Whether you’re looking at something as reasonable as Primark or the craving the outrageous price tags over at Selfridges - there’s always a little something for everyone!

A trip through Poet's corner

If you’re a literary fan who just can’t get enough of the classics, a trip through Poets corner sure to be a special experience. Located within Westminister Abbey (yes the very same abbey in which William and Kate were wed!), is the quiet and peaceful final resting place of some of the world’s most famous writers including Rudyard Kipling, Tennyson, Charles Dickens and Dr. Samuel Johnson. And if that’s not enough for all you book-lovers, there’s always the Sherlock Holmes museum at Baker’s Street and the Jane Austin Centre over at Bath to check out!

Get a glimpse of royalty!

The Buckingham Palace is home to Britian's royalty

Everyone and anyone who has ever been to London has that distinct picture of themselves standing outside the Buckingham Palace’s ornate golden gates -  but how about taking a tour inside the palace, instead? Tours of the palace and its gardens are available but they get booked out pretty fast, so make sure you plan your vacation quickly! Take a look through the luxurious castle that is home to Britain’s royalty as you walk over plush carpets, larger-than-life rooms and gilded furniture! There is no better way to feel like a king… or a queen!

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