Born to run: How Anju Sood,
Co-founder Rejoov’s love for running and entrepreneurship has been a marathon success

Asha Chowdary

The road does not notice
If you are not wearing lipstick
It does not care
How old you are
The only thing
The road cares about…
Is that you pay it a visit
Once in a while….

These lines of an ad campaign in Nancy Meyers’ movie, What Women Want, and its catch line – “No Games. Just sports” was a landmark scene for many fitness lovers. It is often remembered as the most motivating movie scene ever made about running as it urged women to be fit and healthy.  A long run is often considered one of the best ways to increase your overall level of health and raise the levels of good cholesterol in your blood stream.

Dr Anju Sood, Co-founder, Rejoov, who takes to the road at a brisk pace every morning, has been running for two decades. Even after she began to run her own company, she made sure she always set aside time for a run in her neighbourhood so that she could unwind and de-stress for the day.

Where it began…

With over 25 years of experience in the field of nutrition, Anju has been committed to research in the development of growth trends in the Indian population.  She was awarded a US-sponsored Public Health Nutrition Scholarship in 2004 and the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) sponsored her for the Young Scientist Senior Award in Community Nutrition in 2005.

Anju Sood

As to why she decided to launch into entrepreneurship with her Co-founder Anu Berry, she says, “During my career of researching and talking to people on lifestyle related problems and helping them inculcate and promote healthy nutritional practices, I discovered a few things.”

“I found that healthy foods which can be easily adopted as meal supplements and snack replacements were missing in the country. I also noticed that India is going through an increase in the number of lifestyle problems like obesity, diabetes, cardio-vascular disorders, hypertension and cancer. This was the main driving force in developing and launching our company some years ago.”

A juice a day to keep the doctor away?

Rejoov Cold Pressed Juices are made using the latest cold-press technology as this approach helps preserve the nutrition the ingredients have to offer, making it a very healthy meal supplement and snack. 

Today, the brand has developed a unique professional identity. These juices fulfil an individual's daily requirement of micro-nutrients such as essential vitamins, minerals, enzymes and antioxidants.

“Our juices when combined with small meals provides complete and balanced nutrition every day. They help reduce food cravings, while providing satiety. There are also options for people with specific lifestyle problems,” says Anju.

Run for good health

Anju loves to go for a run every morning.

Anju's love for running has kept her healthy and energetic

Anju began by walking through the neighbourhood with her husband which later turned into running. “The lovely weather in Bengaluru always drew us outdoors. Running gave us quality time together and a zeal to stay healthy,” she recalls. 

“My daily run is a perfect time to take a break from life. When I run on my own, it allows me to think. It is a break from the stresses of life and a good run provides my body with the perfect workout. I am in full control over the speed and intensity of my workout.”

Anju took time to learn the right precautions and preparations that are required before one starts running. “We started with gradual running and we took breaks too. We also learnt the importance of strength training before running,” she says, adding, “During the first couple of weeks when I started to run - I was on my knees, fist on the ground and gasping for air. It would be one of the many lessons I would get - on how big the gap is between wanting something and achieving it!”

Fitness first

According to Anju, a morning run offers a great sense of achievement and satisfaction. “It helps build motivation to achieve my goals. Also, a bottle of Green Infusion juice never tastes better than after a 7 km run!”

Anju believes that exercise can keep you physically and mentally fit

A person who is fit is capable of living life to its fullest. “Physical and mental fitness play an important role in our lives and people who are both physically and mentally fit are less prone to medical conditions as well,” she explains.

“Exercise improves our health and reduces the risk of developing several diseases like type 2 diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease. Regular activity can improve your quality of life,” she observes.

Anju runs 5-6 days in a week when she is not travelling. She plans to keep running and keeping herself as fit as possible. As for her brand and its plans for the future, she says, “Our mission will always been to bring about sustainable lifestyle changes among all the people in our country.  

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